About Explore Greater Rochester

The Rochester Business Journal and VisitRochester, the region’s premier tourism organization, partner on the RBJ’s annual Explore Greater Rochester publication, the official VisitRochester visitor’s guide.

Published for the past 11 years by the RBJ, Explore Greater Rochester is rich in information about the region’s special events, nightlife, restaurants, sports and recreation, and cultural attractions.

You'll find inside:

·         Easy Day Trips

·         Education

·         Entertainment & the Arts

·         Food & Drink

·         Industry & Innovation

·         Maps

·         Museums

·         Parks & Gardens

·         Shopping

·         Special Events

·         Sports & Recreation

Print editions of Explore Greater Rochester are available for purchase online at our Newsstand or by calling (585)546-8303.  For inquiries about purchasing multiple copies at discounted prices call (585) 546-8303 or email service@rbj.net


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