Special Events

See our Best Bets and check out the digital version of Explore Greater Rochester for the latest special events. Here's an idea of what you'll find:

Festivals, festivals, festivals. Greater Rochester is one of the leading metro areas for festivals per capita. We have lots of artists in media ranging from fine furniture to photography, and they show and sell their creations year-round.

Rochester also has a deep and abiding interest in music, from classical to jazz to hip-hop. The result? Festivals and concerts of all types, all year, from military band concerts to intimate shows by jazz artists from around the globe.

The region is a very strong agricultural producer. Harvest festivals held in area towns celebrate wine, garlic, corn, apples and grapes—some of the crops that grow here in abundance.

Don’t forget winter. Rochester locals who don’t like being stuck inside during the coldest months find their fun outdoors. Learn to ski or make maple syrup. Watch as ice sculptors chisel away to reveal their creations. Indoor boat, golf and RV shows held during our coldest months remind us that warm-weather pursuits are just around the corner.

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